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Author Topic: Forum Decorum Rules  (Read 41582 times)
Capn Davey
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« on: April 07, 2008, 05:39:31 PM »

Forum Rules Updated April 7 2008

No offensive, vulgar or derogatory content.
No knowingly violating US and Non US Copyright Law.
No posting of material in reference to but not limited to: underage drinking, offensive content about race, religion or national origin.
Any questions please contact the administrators.

Celtic Woman Limited:

 Absolutely no public messages describing, disseminating, publishing, asking, requesting, querying, pondering, contemplating, provoking, proding etc. Information about the "inner workings" of Celtic Woman Limited; Their transportation means and providers, lodging, travels, management, habits, routines, preferences etc. that is not already made public by or with permission of Celtic Woman Limited or their assignees.

Please contact the administrators if you have any questions before you post. A minor breach of trust could mean the end to "Cheap Seat Meet and Greets" forever.

Please do not directly quote and post any email or correspondence that you may get from Celtic Woman Limited or any of the talent unless directed by them to disseminate. You are encourage to paraphrase the content but please do not breach their trust. Please do not publicly ask for any addresses of management, staff or talent that is not already publicly posted by Celtic Woman Limited or their assignees (ex: EMI or Madstone). These rules apply to other acts as well.
Please do not post or disseminate any personal information or changes in personal information about the talent and staff that is not already published by Celtic Woman Limited or their assignees (ex: age and marital status of talent). One of the main reasons is that this information form other sources is so often false or inaccurate and even though the correct information gets posted eventually, all too often bad information keeps coming back. Please respect this for other acts as well.


PBS and Celtic Woman have a contractual relationship and it is not our place to tamper with that relationship. You are free to publish information about ticket sales and packages but please do not complain about prices and availability. There are many legitimate ways to avoid PBS such as Group Sales and other techniques. Please contact us with any questions.


 Photographs and digitalis are the property of the person who originally takes them, unless the rights are reassigned. Ex: Celtic Woman publishes a picture, then they are the owner unless credit is given (ex: Getty Images, Jupitermedia Corporation or Corbis) companies that buy images from photographers and resell them by granting licence. Modifying or doctoring photos and images does not make them your property and will not protect you under US copyright law from duplication by others. Please still be respectful of others artwork.

 Images that are not your property cannot be used for commercial purposes (ex in a shirt  or bumper sticker that you are selling) without the consent of the current owner.

Please read this article about "Fair Use" on Wiki:

Celtic Woman and many other acts do not allow images to be captured during their show. We will enforce this ban to the best of our ability.

YouTube and other videos:

 The same legal rights that apply to stills also apply to video. Even though Celtic Woman also bans video recording during their shows it is our opinion that since they have the power to contact YouTube and have videos removed, we will allow any links to video that is active on YouTube. We will also allow links to any video on official Celtic Woman websites or websites to other acts that are officially sanctioned. This means that you cannot record video at a show, place it on your server and link to it here.

After careful consideration we are seriously considering banning any links to video that were obviously shot from the opening of  a Celtic Woman show to the close. We do not know the policies of other shows such as "Lord of the Dance" or River Dance" and at that time a lot of that video appears to have been produced by the event itself.

Lisa Kelly Fan Forum Team
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