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Author Topic: Baton Rogue Celtic Woman Signing 12-07-08  (Read 3321 times)
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« on: December 13, 2008, 07:43:01 PM »


When you walked into the room leading the other ladies of Celtic Woman to the signing table I must tell you I have never seen a more beautiful lady as you were at that time. There are not adequate words to describe how wonderful you looked. Your hair was the perfect color brown, and it was long and looked so beautiful, and the dress you were wearing was absolutely stunning and not to long and not too short and its color, I am not sure how to describe it, looked like a purple color with a hint of blue, and it was so beautiful. Lisa, I must tell you, you know I have always thought that you are a beautiful woman but I was not prepared to see you look so radiantly stunning. It was as if I was seeing God's most beautiful creation of a woman walk into the room this day. Then the smile that you gave to all of us, and yes I saw you look at me and give me that smile that just melts my heart.

Lisa, I watched as you singed the many items that were brought by the many fans of Celtic Woman, and you Chloe, Lynn, Mairead, and Orla were always greeting each person that came to you with those beautiful and natural smiles. I watched as you came around the table and gently talked to the very young girl that had come by you, and you stayed and talked with her a while. Could she have brought to you memories of another young girl that is so very close to you?

What a joy it was, and a very special privilege, to get to spend the afternoon watching the world's greatest entertainers interacting with so many fans that love you all so much, and you ladies seemed to think that all your fans were the ones that deserved the special attention. Ladies, you are all a class act.

Now we are told that you will have pictures taken with anyone that would desire to have a picture taken with you. A line formed immediately and all of you so graciously had your pictures taken with any and all who desired this, and I believe everyone wanted this rare opportunity to have this happen with them. It came my turn and Lisa was on my left and Chloe happen to be on my right side, and I inquired if maybe Mairead could be next to me on my right, thinking that Chloe, Lynn and Orla would be there with us. I was so taken with having these two ladies beside me having my picture taken with them that I did not notice it was only the three of us there. When I saw what had happened I quickly apologized and told the other ladies I would like to have my picture taken with them. They all so graciously got in the picture with us and everyone seemed to get a big charge out of what had happened. Lisa and Mairead, there is no way I was going to let an opportunity to have my picture taken with you pass without it happening. As I have stated everywhere, I love all the ladies of Celtic Woman, past and present, but Lisa and Mairead know I fell in love with them from the first time I saw them on PBS from the Helix Center. That love for these ladies will always be there.

There continued to be a lot of picture taking going on, there were hugs and kisses, and yes I was so grateful to be on the receiving and giving end of some of those. It was now time to say our goodbye's and that is so hard to let these beautiful ladies go, but I know it has to happen. I stayed there until every one of these beautiful ladies was gone from the building.

Lisa, I had not seen you since October 20th,   2007 in West Palm Beach. That was such a long time to wait to see you again. Lisa, today more than made up for the long absence from you. You were so beautiful, so caring, and what I loved so much was all the attention I received from you. Yes, I know I received a lot of special attention from all the other ladies, but as I have told you on more than one occasion, you are still the one. For those of you that may not have read a post I wrote to Lisa before the Celtic Woman Show in West Palm Beach in 2007, or may have forgotten what that phrase means; it means that Lisa Kelly is the most important person in the world that I want to meet. She is above Presidents, Kings and Queens and any celebrity.  I told Lisa that in a post and in a letter to Lisa after the Chattanooga Celtic Woman Show of June 4, 2007. I did meet Lisa that night and I did get to meet her and spend time with her this date, but Lisa remains the most important person in the world that I want to meet. Lisa and Scott both know this has nothing to do with being romantic about Lisa. It has to do with who Lisa is as a person and all that she brings to the stage when Lisa performs and sings. There is not another person in the world that has the ability to perform as Lisa does. Lisa has a way of singing and performing that penetrates ones heart and it has a healing quality that helps heal ones body and mind and creates a sense of peace within. I would protect Lisa with my life. Lisa is that important.

Thank you Lisa.

Lisa, Send Me a Song

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If you promise to send me a song.........
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« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2009, 05:05:01 PM »

Thanks, Jim, for taking the gifts to the ladies including Lisa from the members of the Mairead forum. What a great gift to have been there!

Lisa you will always be the voice
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« Reply #2 on: August 10, 2020, 12:57:03 AM »

 Lovely Tribute.    Kiss

Lisa 3:16... "For Lisa so loved the world that she gave us her music."
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